What are Google Posts

Back in 2017 Google introduced a new feature called Posts. It’s designed to give verified people, places or things the ability to provide up-to-date posts that show up directly in Google search results. Posts can be text, video, images or events.

Why You Should Use Google Posts to Promote Events

  • Helps promote and bring attention to events by showing up in organic searches
  • Easy to do and implement
  • May have a slightly positive impact on SEO

How to Post an Event

  1. Go to Google My Business
  2. Add write-up with date (ensures the Post will continue to appear up to the scheduled date)
  3. Include link/button to the Event page (Can be a Facebook Event page, etc.)

The research done on the positive impact of Posts on SEO is scarce and the article I found on Search Engine Land doesn’t specifically state that they included buttons/links to the website, but it is implied. Whether linking to a Facebook Event (versus your own site) would reduce the positive SEO impact is unclear.

Use Posts in Addition to, NOT, Instead of

Google Posts are not going to replace anything you’re already doing. But the great thing about them is that they are easy to do. If you’re promoting an event or a personal story, it literally takes moments to create a Post so that the event or story shows up in organic results. Simply take your image and write-up/synopsis that you already created and use it in the Post.

As you can see in the image, the Posts show up in the organic results below the company information. For this company all Posts link to a Facebook Event and the images are just the same ones used on Facebook.

(Image courtesy of The Back 40 – www.theback40cayuga.ca)

One Final Suggestion for Creating Posts

Posts appear in the order they were created, not in the order of the Event date (if applicable). If you are posting several events at a single time, I would recommend starting with the event dated the latest, working your way back chronologically. This way the next upcoming event will appear first (furthest to the left). Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do for Events you choose to add a later time.